Some people are unable to attend a training class or would prefer to have individualised attention, A Perfect Spot Dog Training offers private tuition either at the owner’s home or at the training grounds in Preston. The first session involves meeting the owner and assessing the dog and then designing an individual program that meets the needs of the owner and the dog. Part of this program can involve meeting at a park or going for a street walk, this allows owners to practise skills in real life situations with the help of a personal trainer.


Some dogs with Behaviour problems will benefit from assessment and development of an individual management and training program. This service is available as In Home training or at A Perfect Spot’s training venue in Preston. This program is initially 11/2 – 2 hours followed by weekly or fortnightly sessions of 1 hour.
If the behaviour problem is of a more serious nature then Jenny can help with a referral to a Veterinary Behaviourist and then follow up with behaviour modification training.


Calm Canines was designed for fearful, anxious and highly excitable dogs. Owners are given a leadership program to implement, this is followed by weekly training sessions where owners learn valuable skills that will calm their dog and build confidence in both owner and dog. This program will incorporate the use of TTouch, which uses a variety of calming touches along with ground exercises and a confidence course. Jenny has also completed training in the prescribing and use of Flower Essences. Specific flower essences can be used with dogs to calm and promote emotional healing.



Leading the German Shepherd between two handlers improves his focus, balance and attention.